The brilliance of the Microbiome

Microbiome: A Powerful Ecosystem

From the microbiomes inside our bodies to the ones of the natural world, these bustling and diverse ecosystems help to influence the daily operations of their host, and within us they communicate with distant organs to influence many aspects of our health and wellbeing.

The Life-Space Reef Probiotics Project

What does it take to help restore one of the world’s natural wonders through the brilliance of probiotics? Discover the story of the project so far and how we’re supporting the microbiome and health of corals.

Better understanding the connection

The microbiome connection extends beyond just us, it’s all around us too, and could be the solution to restoring one of our planet's great ecosystems.

Meet your microbiome

Your microbiome means more to your health than you may realise. Made up from trillions of microbial cells, your microbiome thrives off of diversity and balance, and help influence many aspects of your health.

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The Wonder of Coral Microbiomes

From the reef itself to the inner workings of each individual coral species, microbiomes are all around our coral ecosystems.

Balance and your microbiome

Our microbiome is like any other ecosystem in our world. When it is balanced and working harmoniously it will thrive, but when there is an imbalance, your body starts to lose its an integral support system

Restoring Microbiome Diversity

The hallmark of a healthy microbiome is a diverse one, that’s why we need to work towards supporting it.

Check out what the Life-Space Reef Probiotics Project is achieving.

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