Balance and your microbiome

Our microbiome is like many other ecosystems in our world. When it is balanced and working harmoniously it will thrive, but when there is an imbalance, your body starts to lose its an integral support system.

Our microbiome is like many other ecosystems in our world.

Like no two fingerprints are identical, neither are two microbiomes. Your microbiome changes with you and has been shaped over your lifetime, things like our environment, diet, and lifestyle are all influences on our microbiome.

When a microbiome is imbalanced your overall health can be impacted. Dysbiosis is the name given to a disruption in your microbiome that throws off the balance of microbial cells. This imbalance can change how your microbiome functions, throwing the system out of whack. It can impact multiple health concerns, such as mild anxiety, immune and digestive systems, and even sleep quality. This is why bacterial diversity is so important, because with a diverse microbiome you can maintain your body’s general wellbeing."

Corals found on Heron Island's reef. Credit: Taronga

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