Meet your microbiome

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Your microbiome means more to your health than you may realise. Made up from trillions of microbial cells, your microbiome thrives off of diversity and balance, and helps influence many aspects of your health

Your microbiome is the entire collection of microbes living in and on your body - anywhere between 10 trillion and 100 trillion microbial cells. These large and diverse communities of bacteria work together to create a balanced environment within our bodies. For a healthy microbiome, it’s important to have microbial diversity, after all a high diversity of bacteria in the microbiome is a factor of a healthy microbiome. This means having an abundance and variety of various species of bacteria as well as how they are balanced in our gut. A diverse microbiome provides a broader range of functions to help you to perform at your best. Bacterial diversity varies between individuals across populations. However, each of us carries about 1000 different species of bacteria.

Growing with you-

Just like how any ecosystem evolves and grows over time, so does your microbiome. The microbiome you’re born with isn’t the same one you’ll have your whole life, it evolves with you as you grow. A child’s microbiome is much less stable than adults, with the dramatic changes occurring between infancy to age three it changes rapidly, in early to middle adulthood it may have a pattern of stability, with accelerated change happening in late adulthood.

Visualisation of your microbiome

Visualisation of your microbiome

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